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Verizon To Discontinue 30 Day No-ETF Window?
Rumors say they'll reduce 'new every two' phone discounts as well...
by Karl Bode 08:33AM Monday Feb 02 2009 Tipped by SuperNet9 See Profile
Facing a slate of lawsuits for their ETF policies, many wireless carriers recently made a number of changes to their wireless service plans, including pro-rating ETFs, not extending user contracts every time a small change is made, and giving customers a free thirty day window to test phones. Verizon also settled for $21 million, though admitted no error on their part. After making some progress, Verizon appears to be going backwards again -- and will be discontinuing their 30-day refund program starting February 15 -- customers once again facing an ETF if they cancel within the first thirty days. The company is also reducing the discounts for "new every two" customers from $100 to $50 if you've got a plan greater than $80, and from $50 to $30 if you're on a plan that's less than $80. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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