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100Mbps Symmetrical: $48.50
Did we mention you need to live in Hong Kong?
by Karl Bode 05:10PM Monday Sep 24 2007
Hong Kong telco City Telecom’s broadband unit Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) just launched a new suite of fiber-to-the-home services in Hong Kong. Back in 2004, the company became the first to offer residential apartment customers 1Gbps symmetrical connectivity for $215 (bb1000). They've since expanded their suite of offerings if you're in the market for more modest broadband service:
HKBN has turned traditionally cost prohibitive FTTH technology into affordable mass-deployed residential service, at US$48.5 service fee for its 100Mbps access service. . . . Effective immediately, HKBN will offer residential FTTH broadband services ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, namely, FiberHome100, FiberHome200 and FiberHome1000, at US$48.5, US$88.2 and US$215.4 respectively.
The company says they're phasing out their symmetrical 10Mbps service -- the slowest tier they offer now clocks in at a symmetrical 25Mbps. HKBN chairman Ricky Wong calls FTTH "a foreseeable inevitability."

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