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The Network DVR Lives
Supremes won't hear case, Cablevision prevails...
by Karl Bode 11:10AM Monday Jun 29 2009
Back in 2006, we discussed how Cablevision had to suspend their efforts to create a network DVR (content is stored on the ISP head end instead of a set top box) after being sued by broadcasters and the entertainment industry, who were afraid of losing control of their content and ad revenue. The entertainment industry won the first round of that fight, but the ruling was overturned last August by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. This morning the case landed in the lap of the Supreme Court, who refused to hear it, essentially giving Cablevision the green light to finally deploy the service later this year.

Update: Cablevision issued the following statement:
This is a tremendous victory, and it opens up the possibility of offering a DVR experience to all of our digital cable customers. At the same time, we are mindful of the potential implications for ad skipping and the concerns this has raised in the programming community. We believe there are ways to take this victory and work with programmers to give our customers what they want - full DVR functionality through existing digital set-top boxes - and at the same time deliver real benefits to advertisers. This landmark case gives the cable industry, and Cablevision in particular, the opportunity to do something that our satellite competitors cannot do. We expect to begin deploying the first application of this new technology, the ability to pause live television when the phone rings, as a value-added benefit to our customers later this summer."

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Re: yay!

The delay is far from nothing on most cable systems I've used VOD on. On Time Warner/Comcast VOD, it takes about a second for VOD to respond to a remote command.

But it can be better, and I assume a network DVR would be. U-verse VOD is nearly as good as the local DVR, so it can be done.
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