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Verizon Defends Unsexy Smartphone Selection
It's about the 'delivery' not the device, says telco...
by Karl Bode 08:48AM Thursday Sep 17 2009
"Keep in mind that for Verizon Wireless, it isn’t so much about the device as it is about the delivery," A Verizon Wireless representative tells Wired Magazine, who this week posts a story exploring Verizon's significant lack of sexy smartphones. "We have the nation’s largest 3G network so when we offer devices on our network, customers can be assured that they will deliver as promised," says Verizon, who of course turned down Apple's iPhone exclusivity offer. Of course as Wired notes and we discussed last week, Verizon's not being particularly aggressive on pricing, either. But the carrier does consistently come out on top in terms of consumer satisfaction and call quality surveys, so clearly sexy smartphones and reasonable pricing aren't everything.

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Burlington, NJ

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I would rather have a great network and be able to make calls instead of having a nice, stylish piece of junk that doesn't work..