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WV Attorney General Opposes Verizon/Frontier
Doesn't think new carrier will live up to obligations
by Karl Bode 01:04PM Thursday Sep 24 2009 Tipped by Omne See Profile
West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw has come out against Verizon's plan to offload millions of rural DSL and landline customers to Frontier Communications. The $8.5 billion deal, if approved, would infuse Frontier (which currently has 2.3 million customers) with 4.8 million new residential and small-business phone lines across 14 states, 1 million broadband connections, and 11,000 former Verizon employees."We have serious problems with this," Deputy Attorney Fran Hughes said last week. "We don't think Frontier has the ability financially to live up to the commitments it has made to the PSC." Obviously the concerns mirror those we heard before Verizon offloaded its New England markets to Fairpoint, and we of course know how that turned out.

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