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ATT Raises U-Verse Pricing For Internet, VoIP, TV
User notes $5 a month broadband increases..
by Karl Bode 08:58AM Monday Dec 21 2009 Tipped by cdcl0pht See Profile
After unveiling a new 24 Mbps tier, AT&T appears to be raising prices for their U-Verse service in several markets. One user writes in to note he received a notice from AT&T saying that broadband Internet prices will be increasing five bucks from their current rates starting February 1. The fine print below their current pricing page confirms. Standard pricing for Express (1.5 Mbps) will be $30 a month, Pro (3Mbps) will now be $35 a month, and Elite (6 Mbps) will now be $40 a month. Some users in BellSouth territory still say they pay close to $33, $38, and $43, respectively. Customers in our U-Verse forum say that AT&T is also raising the price for several TV packages and VoIP service in several areas. Happy New Year, U-Verse customers.

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