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Windstream Joins 'Price For Life' Promotion Fad
Which again, isn't as good a deal as it sounds...
by Karl Bode 10:14AM Thursday Mar 11 2010
Windstream appears to be the latest carrier to embrace the fad of offering consumers "price for life" promotion, which locks down the monthly rate of service for the length of your life (or more likely, the length of the carrier). Light Reading notes that the carrier is now offering a double-play package with offer featuring 3 Mbps broadband and unlimited local and long-distance calling for $59.99 -- a price that's locked in for life. According to Windstream CFO Tony Thomas, this deal has helped broadband penetration and the reduction in landlines:
Has Windstream found the answer to wireless substitution? The independent telco believes so. Windstream is offering consumers a $59.99 double-play offer with 3-Mbit/s Internet access and unlimited local and long-distance calling that has a “for life” price guarantee. As a result, Windstream CFO Tony Thomas told the Credit Suisse Global Media and Communications Conference today, broadband penetration is up and access line losses in 2009 were below 5 percent.
The thing is, we know Windstream's been offering voice/broadband double plays at that price point since last year -- and as we've noted with other similar offers, while consumers might think these deals are good, that doesn't mean they are. Users can actually frequently lock in better deals simply by renegotiating their rate at the end of their current contract. Locking in your price for life for last-gen DSL and aging copper voice (which continually get less expensive to provide as hardware prices drop) does more to help Windstream than it does to help you.

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Buying into a broadband price for life...

Is like going to Comp USA 5 years ago and choosing to buy Pentium 4's at the same price for the next few years.

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR

Re: Buying into a broadband price for life...

said by Metatron2008:

Is like going to Comp USA 5 years ago and choosing to buy Pentium 4's at the same price for the next few years.
Not if you have Qwest DSL.

Austin, TX

Re: Buying into a broadband price for life...

True that. That's why, if I ever get Qwest DSL (I'll be here for a bit longer so it's possible) I'll be doing it off-contract and just taking advantage of the one-year promo rate. hen the rate goes up, I leave and go back to Comcast.
Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

Reminds me of Sprint Wireless

I was told by a Sprint CSR that when I signed up for a Sprint Wireless Plan when the contract expired it would continue on a month to month basis forever. That was until technology changed. At that point I was told if I replaced my handset with an EVDO enabled handset to continue to use the included web access in my existing plan I would have to sign up for a new plan. So much for a plan that would continue forever.

Cleveland, OH

Re: Reminds me of Sprint Wireless

yep! upgrades not included.

application specific
Wakulla, FL
Ah, I remember that. The deal DID continue forever, as I (any many many others) were able to take advantage of the "new" EVDO service with our grandfathered plans. Myself, I didnt move off my grandfathered plan till about two years ago when the "everything" plans came out and made more money sense for my situation and usage patterns.

Sprint did a very good job of training their CSRs with the scripts to get folks to move off their old $10 Vision plans. I'm sorry you were one of the ones who got suckered.
Teamwork is a lot of people doing what I say.

Albany, GA

talk about late

no offence meant but these comercials have been running here in georgia for atleast 6 months, its not new!

sadly my extended family fell for it, and the connection works "when it works"

tho in the case of my extended family you couldnt pay me to troubleshoot for them, no way no how.

Twinsburg, OH

Re: talk about late

thedragonmas - If you family has Windstream service and is experiencing an issue you can have them contact us via the forum, and we would be glad to fix any issues.

If someone would like to email or PM us we would be able to assist. Thank you.

We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com