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While U.S. Bickers, Australia Builds National Fiber Network
93% of Australia getting government run (temporarily) fiber
by Karl Bode 02:11PM Friday May 07 2010
As we've noted, the United States' first ever national broadband plan certainly looks impressive at first glimpse, though on closer inspection the plan reveals itself to be a bevy of very politically-safe and rather toothless initiatives. Ignoring advice from their own studies, the FCC made it clear they couldn't be bothered with things like building an open access national fiber network -- in large part because that would upset the nation's wealthiest carriers. That might be fine if the plan actually did something about a lack of competition -- but it doesn't.

Australia has a very different approach to helping underserved markets and beefing up competition. In April of last year the country announced plans to build a nationwide, A$43 billion ($38 billion) wholesale fiber network, which ISPs will then be invited to compete over. The network will be built under the banner of a completely new private/public company -- and the Australian government says they'll sell their ownership stake in the company five years after the network is completed. Ars Technica directs our attention to a new feasibility study that says Australia's plans are not only doable -- they should be bigger and bolder:
The government initially planned to spend AUS$43 billion (about US$38.9 billion) and build a fiber network that would reach 90 percent of Australian homes. The rest would get wireless broadband, while the truly rural would have access to a new class of satellite service that can deliver a least 12Mbps to the entire country. Too modest! says the report. Instead, Australia should bump its fiber build up to 93 percent, provide fixed wireless service for four percent, and Ka-band satellite service for the remaining three percent—and it can all be done in eight years and on budget.
As would obviously happen here in the States as well, incumbent ISP Telstra has whined about the project, and the Australian government has responded by telling Telstra they can either help (and make money in the process) -- or shut and get out of the way. The end result is essentially what Google's doing to a single town -- spread across the entire country. Of course an FCC study highlighted how such models create more competition (and by proxy faster service at lower prices), so Australia will be an interesting place to watch. Now about that silly Australian plan to try and filter the Internet of all its naughty bits...

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reply to lakerfan82

Re: And.....

There is no entity on the planet more greedy and selfish than the Federal government except perhaps for the leeches in society that want to grow it.

What the socialist thieves don't get is that a good parasite doesn't kill it's host and these leeches with their hands endlessly outstretched have killed it dead. The leeches have run out of everyone else's money and now they steal from 3 and 4 generations in the future. They are the greediest most selfish lot in history.

Note to the socialists. If you want to fund this greed, you are free to give every penny you have to the corrupt government. No one is stopping you. But alas, you don't do that. You want to steal everyone else's money. You can go F-yourself. We aren't going to take it any more. Revolution comes in November.


Corona, CA

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reply to sonicmerlin
I always find it so amusing that people like you are always so willing to spend OTHER people's (ie "the rich" or "greedy corporations") money for "entitlements", etc to suppress your own feelings of guilt. Furthermore, you're always so quick to call anyone selfish who dares suggest that these people actually pull their own weight. What makes you assume that he's so selfish just because he believes in personal responsibility? Do you know for a fact that he doesn't give to charity? Get off your high horse. Over 50% of our tax money is already going toward Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and Welfare. We can't afford the slackers anymore...


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reply to tshirt
I can and a chainsaw is the perfect tool for the job. It's not my job to feed someone else's kids. It's not my job to pay to house someone in Ohio. Let the State government of Ohio take care of that or better yet charitable organizations. It's also not my job to pay for someone else's Internet deployment.

There should be no such thing as a Federal "entitlement", nor a state one for that matter.

If someone wants fiber, let that local town pass a bond measure on a ballot and those local people PAY for the stuff they want. Simple.

Greece, here we come!


Rockville, MD

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Australia will soon have the fastest filtered network in the world.