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Sprint Also Cancels Nexus One Plans
That revolution didn't last long...
by Karl Bode 06:24PM Monday May 10 2010
Late last month Verizon made it clear they were scrapping plans to offer the Google phone (aka the Nexus One). Instead, the company directed users to purchase the HTC Incredible -- which had comparable if not better specs anyway. Now Sprint -- just weeks away from their very deliciously spec'd WiMax/EVDO Evo 4G -- has also decided to scrap plans to launch the Nexus One. Of course that's quite a shift from back in January where the coverage surrounding the Nexus One suggested an all out handset revolution and paradigm pricing shift -- held back only by the fact that T-Mobile was the only carrier the phone would work on. Clearly better Android phones have arrived -- and Nexus One usage stats would seem to indicate the phone was irrelevant almost before it arrived.

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Richmond, VA

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Re: Android Will Get Better and Better

I'm sure that Android number is going to go up significantly this quarter. Verizon can't keep the Incredible in stock and HTC can't make them fast enough. If you order one today it will be shipped by 5/29. I bought mine under a one year contract assuming that in ten months I could upgrade to the supposed Verizon IPhone. Soon after receiving my Incredible, I had to use an IPhone for the good part of a day. I'm not going to say anything bad about the IPhone because it is a great phone, but I doubt in ten months I will be wanting to switch to it.