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The Hurt Locker Producers Sue 5,000 P2P Users
As U.S. Copyright Group fires up copyright 'protection racket...'
by Karl Bode 12:08PM Tuesday Jun 01 2010
As we recently noted, a new company by the name of the U.S. Copyright group is promising movie studios a new revenue stream. Using the sometimes flimsy evidence collected by entertainment industry intelligence-gathering groups -- the company sends automated threat letters to subscribers in the hopes users will settle without a fight. Earlier this month we noted that the producers of The Hurt Locker had signed up with the group, and now they've filed suits against the first five-thousand users. Notes Mike Masnick at Techdirt:
Of course, this really has nothing to do with stopping unauthorized file sharing or the perceived harm of file sharing. This is entirely about trying to squeeze money out of people. Thomas Dunlap, the lawyer running this under the name US Copyright Group, isn't looking to take any of these lawsuits to court. The whole point is to find out who these people are and to send them legal nastygrams, that come very close to your garden variety extortion letter -- telling people that they'll drop the lawsuit if they just pay $1,500. It comes across as a classic "protection racket." "Pay up and you won't get hurt."
Interestingly, a lot of ISPs are cooperating freely with the U.S. Copyright Group, and are handing over user information based on very little actual evidence. One exception is Time Warner Cable, who has been fighting cooperating with the group -- but more because it's costly and time consuming -- and not necessarily because they're all that concerned with subscriber privacy.

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