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NY Times Laments Sprint EVO Battery Life, 4G Coverage
'battery gauge practically shrivels as you're looking at it.'
by Karl Bode 01:17PM Thursday Jun 17 2010
While Sprint fans argue that the new EVO 4G is the phone to finally challenge the iPhone, David Pogue delivers a bit of a beating over at the New York Times, claiming that the sexily spec'd device has some serious problems upon closer inspection. According to Pogue, the device's "battery gauge practically shrivels as you’re looking at it." Of course his primary complaint appears to be a lack of functional 4G Mobile WiMax coverage, even in cities where the service has supposedly launched. With no 4G available in New York City yet, Pogue had a colleague in Baltimore test the device, only to find some serious disappointment:
4G Internet downloads are about four times as fast as 3G (averaging 2,693 kilobits a second, versus 676 over 3G)...He also noted, however, that the 4G signal was "spottier than a kennel of Dalmatians." At his house, he sees four to five signal bars, but two blocks away there is no reception at all. Furthermore, it takes 20 seconds for the phone to recognize that a 4G signal is available, then six minutes to connect for the first time.
Pogue also reiterates the complaint that Sprint charges a $10 surcharge on top of normal prices simply for the honor of owning the 4G device, even if you don't live in a 4G area. Still, when 4G's working, the device is absolutely at the head of its class, though Pogue concludes the EVO is little more than a "technology demo," albeit a promising one.

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