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AT&T Tinkers With DSL Pricing
Again drops tiers to $15-$20 for new customers
by Karl Bode 09:13AM Monday Aug 02 2010 Tipped by Gib4500 See Profile
Last week AT&T posted their second quarter earnings, and while wireless connectivity was hot -- the company noted they lost a whopping 347,000 traditional DSL customers on the quarter. Some of those customers upgraded to AT&T U-Verse, but many of them were users in un-upgraded AT&T markets who migrated to cable, either lured by faster broadband speeds or the cable triple play. To try and fight back in legacy areas, AT&T's again tinkering with their DSL pricing -- their website indicating that they've brought back the $14.95 per month price point for their Basic (768/384 kbps), Express (1.5 Mbps/ 384 kbps) and Pro (3 Mbps/ 512 kbps) DSL tiers, which are all starting to look very long in the tooth -- especially upstream. The company's Elite (6 Mbps / 512 kbps) tier is now $19.95. All of these deals are for new customers, and the pricing is for twelve months before you need to negotiate a better deal.

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Villa Rica, GA

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Yeah cause old customers, they never leave...

Ahh yes reminds me of this commercial;

» ··· 7TNDW-0Q

Well as a AT&T customer who is paying enough to rent half a good size apartment in many areas for my Telco/DSL/Cell service I say to heck with you. If you want to stop churn you need to address how you're treating the old customers.
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