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Clearwire Considering New Prepaid Options?
Announces cryptic plans to serve new consumer segment
by Karl Bode 06:23PM Wednesday Aug 25 2010
Clearwire today issued a rather cryptic press release stating that on August 30 (next Monday), the company would be unveiling their plans to "serve a new customer segment." They didn't get any more specifics than that, aside from the fact that Clearwire CMO Mike Sievert will be making the announcement on a conference call presentation with the media and analysts. So what is Clearwire planning? One likely guess is that they'll be announcing some kind of prepaid pricing option, given that 2010 is clearly the year of prepaid wireless broadband. Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile just got done announcing plans to offer 30 days of unlimited EVDO service for $40, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Clearwire announce something similar -- with a new nifty marketing name and branding for the offering.

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Chicago, IL


Its always nice to see price wars. It's cyclical....price war and then collusion. Clearwire might just be emulating Verizons press release to test the waters. We'll see
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Pre-paid Mifi or Clear cellphone?

Light Reading seems to think a MiFi device with prepaid plan and/or a Clear branded cellphone. Clear did say a few months ago they would come out with two Android phones later this year.


Not sure how either would be a 'new customer segment'. For them I suppose.

They need to provide a way to connect via credit card when it sees a signal, like most paid WiFi, instead of (or in addition to) doing pre-paid like cell carriers.


Springfield, OR

Re: Pre-paid Mifi or Clear cellphone?

clear has/used to have day passes, where if you have a WiMAX device (say built-in Intel chipset) you could connect and pay $10/day as you go, with no subscription.
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already prepaid

Clear already has month-to-month options for the same price as the contract options. So, the broadband service is already prepaid. (Or am I misunderstanding the term "pre-paid"?

Release of a 4g phone through clear seems likely though. Probably rebranded Sprint phones with Sprint CDMA coverage would make sense (a reverse of Sprint reselling Clear wimax as "Sprint 4g").
Pasadena, TX

Re: already prepaid

"Release of a 4g phone through clear seems likely though. Probably rebranded Sprint phones with Sprint CDMA coverage would make sense (a reverse of Sprint reselling Clear wimax as "Sprint 4g")."

Have you ever tried to use Clear 4G? I can't speak about other areas of the country, but here in Houston, areas that they say are covered are not. Even if you do get signal, if you walk into a building you loose it. You can have full 5 bars at one house and 2 houses down the street, have nothing. Most Clear home installations require a technician to come to your house and locate your base station on the side of your house that has the best signal reception. I don't know much about the technology of WiMax, but it does not cover areas very well.

As deployed, it would ever work for a phone to use 4G only...



Re: already prepaid

Amen to Cj's post. I live near Philadelphia and signed up for the new $25/mo unlimited 4G only 'iSpot' service. If you have not heard its a mobile hot spot for any apple device - up to 8 but more than 4 is unthinkable. Their map is VERY overstated. They have a local office 6 miles from me and my reception at the fringe was actually better than in front of their office. My ATT 3G gets 1350-1950 in almost all of the Philly suburbs with no blind spots that I have found. The Clear 4G can go to 5Mbs peak but most of the time I am under 500kbs with a 'normal high' in the 1900-2300 range. I only got it because ATT dropped their unlimited plan which is 'nationwide' but I am very disappointed in 300-400kbs more than 3G with many dead spots. One tower was down for a week (unless it broke twice and was fixed inbetween the times I passed it). The iSpot has a light on it. Green=great connection, yellow = good, red=poor, blinking red = no connection. In the space of 1/10th of a mile in an open area (no skyscrapers) I saw all 4 possibilities. I do know their towers are 3.5 miles apart according to tech support, if possible but they should limit them to 3 miles or less(much less). Tech support was very eay to reach on the positive side. I think they will be getting busy.

Cleveland, OH
Good luck trying to terminate that month to month service. I bought the month-to-month plan to give Clear a try and have had no luck attempting to suspend my plan via email or their web site. It seems you can't just turn it on and off at will. I had ASSumed this would be easy since everything else on the clear.com web portal was, well, "clear" and easy to understand. But of course like most other service providers these days, they don't make suspending or terminating service easy or obvious.

Brooklyn, NY
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data plans, expect surcharges to creep in..

once nearly all the voice traffic goes to "data" plans, expect these broadband charges to include "911" fee surcharges for accessing the 'cellular' part of the network for emergencies.

this transition is well underway, most phones can do one or more flavors of 3g, 4g, hspda, lte, etc. And, with a SD card-slot, could be adapted to be hot-swappable... in no time at all..