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Chattanooga Starts Signing Up 1 Gbps Subscribers
Despite users acknowledging they likely can't even fully utilize such speeds...
by Karl Bode 03:07PM Monday Sep 20 2010
Last week Chattanooga, Tennessee's municipal fiber build began offering 1 Gbps symmetrical connections to locals for $350 a month -- "just because we can." As with Google's 1 Gig deployment promise, Chattanooga's blisteringly-fast service generated massive national media interest, again hinting at a U.S. in more robust alternatives to their monopoly/duopoly provider(s). Telecompetitor directs us to the fact that utility is signing up "a few" subscribers for the service, even if they're not quite sure what to do with all that speed:
Allan Davis concedes he won’t be able to use all the broadband capacity of EPB’s new gigabit-per-second Internet service at his North Chattanooga home. But the 32-year-old founder of Access America wants to be among the first to be hooked up to America’s fastest broadband service, which will be more than 200 times faster than the average broadband service in the United States today.

"I know there is absolutely nothing I can do with a gigabit-per-second service to my home right now," Davis said Friday. "But this is a very powerful symbol of what Chattanooga is going to be in the future, and I wanted to be one of the early pioneers to support this effort."
Of course EPD offers a selection of slightly less ridiculously-fast tiers, including a symmetrical 100 Mbps for $140 a month, or symmetrical 30 Mbps for $58 a month.

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