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T-Mobile Keeps Taking Potshots At AT&T
As part of new 'largest 4G network' ad campaign
by Karl Bode 10:19AM Tuesday Nov 16 2010
Buoyed by the recent ITU declaration that nobody is technically deploying a 4G network here in the States, T-Mobile recently kicked off a new marketing campaign proclaiming that the carrier has the "largest 4G network." One cornerstone of the new campaign is apparently making fun of AT&T's network, which has seen more than its fair share of criticism the last few years due to performance issues in markets like New York and San Francisco. Recent commercials portray AT&T as a balding, middle aged man weighing down the iPhone 4, and the latest ad in the series airing this week certainly isn't flattering. AT&T got into a feud with Verizon last year about ads mocking AT&T 3G coverage (they even filed suit), but so far hasn't had anything to say about T-Mobile's campaign.

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