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Cablevision Launches Network DVR In The Bronx
$11 A Month For 160GB of Storage
by Karl Bode 11:18AM Monday Jan 24 2011
As we've discussed for years, network DVRs store video content at the network head end, eliminating the need for consumer-side video storage. In 2006 Cablevision began testing the idea of storing 80GB of TV data for 1,000 trial users on their network, but the project was halted after Cablevision was sued by the entertainment industry, who feared a loss of ad revenue and content control. The Supreme Court's refusal to hear the case back in 2009 effectively handed Cablevision a victory, and they've been engaging in various trials ever since. Still technically in trial stage, Cablevision has now launched the service in the Bronx for $11 a month, which nets you 160 GB of storage:
Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella confirmed by e-mail on Sunday that DVR Plus was indeed launched across the operator's Bronx service area on Tuesday, Jan. 18. The $10.95-a-month service comes with 160GB of storage -- the same as its set-top-based iO DVR service -- offering enough to store up to 100 hours of standard-definition programming or 25 hours of HD programming.
The remote cloud storage can be accessed by any DVR in the house, with most of this functionality and GUI closely mirroring existing DVR services. So far only Cisco/Scientific Atlanta boxes (the 1800 SD, 1850 SD, 4200SD/4200 HD and 4250 SD/4250 HD) can use the cloud storage. There's still no word on when Cablevision expects to offer this service across its entire network. The reference guide is available here (pdf) for those interested.

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