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Netflix Ranks Top ISPs For Streaming Video
DSL Providers, Clearwire Don't Fare Particularly Well
by Karl Bode 04:25PM Thursday Jan 27 2011
Netflix today posted a list of the best performing ISPs in terms of streaming Internet video. The company states that HD streams have variable bitrate but can potentially top out at around 4800 kilobits per second, and the data provides a bird's eye view by ISP of sustained throughput available from a given ISP over time. Looking at the company's charts, Charter Communication interestingly tops the rankings, with Clearwire (for obvious reasons) coming in last. AT&T and Verizon show up in the middle of the pack, weighed down by the significant number of users still on sluggish DSL connections. With the majority of their users also on sluggish DSL, Frontier Communications checks in only slightly better than Clearwire. DSL providers clearly lag in the rankings, something mirrored in the graph of Canadian ISPs.

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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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Ya just couldn't bring yourself to say it could you Karl...

I can't help but notice that Time Warner is right up there close to Charter and you just wouldn't allow yourself to let words come out of your mouth or keyboard....oh the pain Karl...that had to hurt... That your beloved Verizon (oh but Verizon has an excuse...most of their network is based on DSL...lame) was beat out by Time Warner and not just by little but a huge margin. Oh the pain...hahahhahahaha

That's okay Karl... I'll say it for ya... Charter, Time Warner aka Road Runner, Comcast and Cox were tops in delivering Netflix content to their customers above all the telcos by a healthy margin. Is anybody surprised....hardly.