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Dish Buys DBSD, Considering LTE Network?
Is Dish Responding To DirecTV/Verizon LTE Plans?
by Karl Bode 08:45AM Thursday Feb 03 2011
According to a report in the New York Times, Dish Network has decided to acquire satellite operator DBSD North America for $1 billion as the company emerges from bankruptcy. Kaufman Brothers analyst Todd Mitchell tells the paper that Dish's Charles Ergen is "playing chess" with the move, which is primarily about acquiring DBSD's spectrum. What would Dish do with this spectrum? "Dish also has some spectrum, and if you put DBSD and Dish together you could create a 4G or LTE network — it’s a situation where one plus one equals three," says Mr. Mitchell. Keep in mind that as our exclusive leaked photos from last year suggest (confirmed by a loose lipped executive) DirecTV is testing an LTE-based home-broadband service in conjunction with Verizon, so this could be Ergen's countermove.

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Mobile TV

Your assumptions on Echostar building out a satellite/terrestrial hybrid network are on target (at least from 2008)... Think of mobile television on a large scale

Martinsville, IN

Re: Mobile TV

Has there been any details when direct and verizon plan to go to market with their solution?

Catawissa, MO


"Is Dish Responding To DirecTV/Verizon LTE Plans?"



Huntsville, AL
·AT&T U-Verse

Is Dish Responding To DirecTV

Good luck to both DiSH and DIRECTV. Fios and UVerse customer services are kicking the satellite and cable providers to the curb. If that trend continues, the sats will just end up with the customers to which no one else provides internet services, which isn't a great marketing or sales plan.