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Netflix No Fan Of New AT&T Caps
Moving 'In Opposite Direction' From What Consumers Want
by Karl Bode 06:11PM Wednesday Mar 16 2011
Add Netflix to the growing list of folks (take a look at this thread in our forums) who aren't particularly enamored with AT&T's new DSL and U-Verse caps and overages. Speaking to The Hill, Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey told the website that the shift is "moving in the absolute opposite direction from what consumers want." After Netflix initially tried to downplay the rise of metered billing despite a very clear threat to their business, the company has gotten increasingly vocal about the issue. After launching Netflix streaming in Canada, the company pointed out that high overages were in no way tied to economic reality given the fixed and dropping costs at many ISPs. Netflix also recently began more clearly pointing out that most ISPs have an incentive to impose caps and overages because Netflix streaming is a threat to traditional television revenues.

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