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North Carolina Passes Anti-Community Fiber Bill
Governor Bev Perdue Refuses to Veto Bill
by Karl Bode 09:25AM Monday May 23 2011
After four consecutive years of attempting to either ban or cripple community fiber projects in North Carolina, Time Warner Cable lobbying in the state has finally paid off. As we noted last Friday the bill had passed in the state House and Senate and simply needed the signature of Governor Bev Perdue. Despite a last ditch effort by consumer advocates, impacted communities, a number of companies and academics like Larry Lessig -- Purdue refused to veto the bill, the Governor issuing the following statement:
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I believe that every school, household and business in North Carolina – no matter where they are – should have access to efficient and affordable broadband services.

There is a need to establish rules to prevent cities and towns from having an unfair advantage over providers in the private sector. My concern with House Bill 129 is that the restrictions the General Assembly has imposed on cities and towns who want to offer broadband services may have the effect of decreasing the number of choices available to their citizens.

For these reasons, I will neither sign nor veto this bill. Instead, I call on the General Assembly to revisit this issue and adopt rules that not only promote fairness but also allow for the greatest number of high quality and affordable broadband options for consumers.
Except Perdue knows that by not signing the bill it effectively becomes law, so her concerns ring hollow.

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