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Verizon Will Grandfather Unlimited Data?
You May Be Able to Hold on To Unlimited Data For a Little While
by Karl Bode 02:35PM Tuesday Jun 21 2011
Yesterday we noted that leaked information (since confirmed by Verizon) indicates that Verizon will be getting rid of unlimited smartphone tiers for 3G and 4G smartphone users starting on July 7. Instead, all 3G and 4G smartphone owners will now have the choice of three options: 2GB of data for $30, 5GB of data for $50, and 10GB of data for $80 (with 2GB of tethering tacked on to any tier for an additional $20 a month). Droid Life has since nabbed a few additional details, including the fact that existing customers can keep their unlimited plan -- for a while:
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According to our friends on the inside and that screenshot above (which is unfortunately partially cut off), existing customers may be able to keep their current pricing and data plan when renewing or upgrading as long as they are locked in prior to 7/7. And from what we’ve been told, that’s a forever type of thing – as in, you can upgrade a year from now and still hang out with your best friend, the unlimited data plan. At the same time though, they only gave you one more New Every 2 after it was cancelled, so let’s not get too invested into forever.
In other words, unlimited is dying, but you may be able to hold on to it for a few more years -- maybe. You'll have to wait for Verizon to confirm this information in a few weeks.

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