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Leap/Cricket LTE to Arrive in Tucson First
With Huawei's E397 dual-modem USB modem
by Karl Bode 08:32AM Thursday Jun 23 2011
Leap CEO Doug Hutcheson had previously stated that while the wireless company and owner of Cricket Wireless will launch an LTE network in the second half of this year, the company has no plans to offer LTE devices (read: feature phones, smartphones or tablets) to consumers until next year due to the high cost of such devices. Leap tells PC World that Tucson, Arizona will be the first city to get the LTE service, with users offered Huawei's E397 dual-mode USB modem. The website notes that a LinkedIn posting from engineer Dale Winn suggests Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia will be launch markets after Tuscon. Back in March, Leap struck a roaming agreement with LightSquared, giving them additional options if/when the LightSquared network launches.

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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX

Speaking of cricket

Their customer service is horrible. Got the run around last night (service went out even when i paid a week in advance) and the CSR in india hanged up on me when I was telling them my problem. assholes.

del ftl



It will be interesting what kind of speeds Cricket's LTE will kick out. Their 3G network seems to be roughly as fast as VZW's and Sprints which means that it's already faster than MetroPCS's LTE.

Also, in general, Cricket has more spectrum than MetroPCS.

I dont think you'll see 10+mbits like vzw, but I would venture 5-ish wouldn't be out of the question.

Cleveland, OH

Re: Speeds

How much spectrum does Leap have for 4G?

del ftl


Re: Speeds

Depends on the market, some have unused portions of 5, some have 10 and some have 15. On average I'd say 10. There are a few markets that are pretty spectrum constrained, like Chicago where they have 5mhz total (already in use at least partially by their 1xevdo cdma).

I'm not sure if they own any in Cleveland. I know they do own 15mhz in Seattle but don't have anything built there yet.

Mike L


That's spelled Tucson, not Tuscon

That's spelled Tucson, not Tuscon


Phoenix, AZ

Re: That's spelled Tucson, not Tuscon

said by Mike L :

That's spelled Tucson, not Tuscon


Go Cats!

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ

What a joke cricket

Service is downright bad and customer service even worse!

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

Re: What a joke cricket

Plus they are not generally available in the northeast, except perhaps in roaming. Also, anyone hear of the prospetctive deal with lightsquared/sprint? No real info on that $15billion deal. Who's selling the serivce? What are the prices,plans & terms of service what devices will be availble, etc?

Metro PCs's been a joke sofar.. no real competition!
Who else wants to walk the oil slicked uphill rock climb?