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Verizon Wireless Pushes New 300MB, $20 Data Plan
As an Entry-Level Gateway to Costlier Plans
by Karl Bode 04:16PM Friday Aug 12 2011
Verizon today announced (well sort of, somehow Phandroid received an early press release) that they'll be offering postpaid users a new data plan featuring 300MB for $20 a month. The offer appears to be aimed at the back to school set and only in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and North Carolina. If you go over the 300MB, you "automatically" incur another $20 charge for another 300MB. For us grown ups, the $20 for 300MB isn't particularly impressive considering Verizon just stopped offering users unlimited data access for just $10 more. Verizon's replacement pricing offers users 2GB for $30, so this new tier is clearly just a "gateway drug" aimed at pushing subscribers up the pricing ladder. The company this week also disclosed that they'll be testing a $50 per month unlimited prepaid offering in two trial markets.

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