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Sprint Denies iPhone 4S Network Slowdown
Despite Fairly Obvious Sprint Network Slowdown
by Karl Bode 08:52AM Wednesday Oct 19 2011
The other day we noted that a significant number of iPhone 4S customers in Sprint's own official forums were complaining that Sprint's network was struggling under the load of new iPhone users. While Sprint recently announced plans to spend billions on upgrading to LTE technology, right now more than a few users of the 4S are seeing speeds that would struggle to give ISDN a run for its money. More than a few Sprint forum users in locations ranging from California to Oklahoma are seeing speeds slower than 100 kbps. Sprint is denying that their network is having any issues, telling PC Magazine:
"As always, Sprint is carefully monitoring the performance of the 3G network. We are looking into a small number of reports of slow data speeds when using the iPhone 4S, however there are also reports showing that Sprint’s network is the fastest, such as the Gizmodo report that came out earlier today. Speed tests represent a moment in time and are subject to many variables including weather, time of day, device, and proximity to a tower. Sprint will continue to monitor the feedback we are getting from our customers and will investigate and resolve any issues that may arise."
Except as PC Mag notes, that Gizmodo report Sprint cites actually shows Sprint's network performing worse than both AT&T or Verizon for iPhone 4S users, conflates Wi-Fi and cellular data usage, and reports top speeds that EVDO simply isn't capable of.

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