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Verizon Wireless Promotion Doubles Your Cap
For a Limited Time, Requires New Two-Year Contract
by Karl Bode 12:42PM Monday Nov 07 2011
To coincide with Verizon Wireless's launch of the new LTE Droid Razr on 11/11/11 at 11:11 AM (clever!), Verizon is running a new promotion allowing LTE users to double their tier's usage cap -- for the same price. According to Verizon, starting tomorrow users who buy a new LTE phone and agree to a two-year contract will get double the LTE data. For example(s), users on the $30 for 2GB plan get 4GB, the 5GB on the $50 plan gets bumped to 10GB, and those paying $80 for 10GB users get 20GB. While it doesn't quite take the sting out of Verizon's decision to kill unlimited data -- it's a promotion heavy users will probably want to jump on, especially if they were considering a new LTE phone on Verizon anyway. Verizon hasn't yet announced an end date for the promotion, but we'll keep you posted.

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