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Google Starts Hanging Kansas City Fiber
'We've Eaten Way Too Much Barbecue...'
by Karl Bode 02:27PM Monday Feb 06 2012
Earlier this month we noted that Google's effort to deploy 1 Gbps fiber in Kansas City had run face first into some pole attachment bureaucratic delays, Google apparently believing their brand name would be enough to help them float over and above the annoying red tape hurdles faced by all ISPs. This week Google suggests those problems have been resolved, a company blog post stating the company has started hanging fiber in Kansas City, Kansas. "We’ve measured utility poles; we’ve studied maps and surveyed neighborhoods; we’ve come up with a comprehensive set of detailed engineering plans; and we’ve eaten way too much barbecue," says Google's Kevin Lo. "Now, starting today, we’re ready to lay fiber." Initially Google says they'll focus on the backbone build, and is giving no hard date for when locals will get their 1 Gbps connections.

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