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Verizon Officially Announces FiOS Quantum
New Name for 50/25, 75/35, 150/65 and 300/65 Lineup
by Karl Bode 10:45AM Monday Jun 18 2012
Verizon recently confirmed our exclusive insider information from early May that the company would not only be bumping several FiOS service tiers (25/25 becomes 50/25, 35/35 becomes 75/35) -- in addition to launching a new 300 Mbps tier. Those changes are now official, with Verizon announcing the name and pricing of the new tiers. FiOS Quantum is the new name for the company's new top four highest FiOS Internet speeds of 50/25 Mbps, 75/35 Mbps, 150/65 Mbps and 300/65 Mbps.

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The company's lowest 15/5Mbps tier is seeing a $10 rate hike and will now be $65 per month with a two-year contract. The company's 50/25 Mbps tier will cost $75, the same as before despite the speed bump. The company's 75/35 Mbps tier will cost you $85, while the company's 150/65 Mbps tier will cost $95 a month. The shiny new 300 Mbps tier will cost $205 a month.

Those are all of course bundled and contracted prices, so you'll pay $5 more if you want standalone broadband without a phone line, and another $5 if you want to forgo a contract. Verizon says the company's 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps tiers require a $100 equipment upgrade fee and two to four hour service call, a fee that's waived if you sign a two-year contract, are a new customer, or already have Verizon's top-shelf 150 Mbps service.

"The new FiOS Internet speed and bundle options provide incredible value, and represent the most significant mass scale, consumer broadband speed enhancement in the nation in the past decade," Verizon said in a statement e-mailed to Broadband Reports.

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