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Best Buy Tells Time Warner Customers to Ditch VoIP
In Order to Avoid New Modem Fee
by Karl Bode 04:27PM Friday Oct 26 2012
Time Warner Cable took heavy criticism earlier this month when they announced users would have to pay a new $4 monthly modem rental fee. Time Warner Cable struggled to adequately support users looking to buy their own modems, and then stumbled when asked to justify the price hike on the company's already pricey service. As noted previously Time Warner Cable doesn't allow users to buy their own modem if they use a modem for digital voice services, and doesn't charge a fee to those users -- resulting in some users needing two modems if they want to avoid the fee.

Interestingly, Best Buy is telling customers to ditch phone service from Time Warner Cable:
Best Buy employees in upstate New York are advising Time Warner Cable customers to dump Time Warner phone service and buy their own cable modem to completely avoid any additional monthly fees. "We don’t have modems that will support Time Warner’s voice services, so basically any customer that has that bundle either has to make the decision to get rid of that service or deal with paying for that service every month," said Syracuse Best Buy employee Drew Cacciola.
It should be interesting to see if this has any substantive impact on Time Warner Cable's Internet phone service totals. Standard and Poor's earlier this year predicted that cable companies may soon start seeing customers cutting their cable phone services as they look for ways to reduce soaring cable bills. Time Warner Cable certainly may not be helping themselves on this front.

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