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Microsoft SkyDrive cripples Opera browser
by chachazz 02:50AM Friday Nov 16 2012

Microsoft’s Skydrive website kills Opera browsers by sending 2 million NULL characters to visitors -12 November 2012 -
Microsoft’s Skydrive website is making the service almost unusable for users of Opera’s desktop browsers, after it was revealed that the code includes over 2 million NULL characters, causing it to hang and use 100 percent CPU resources.

So you're sending more than two million nonsense characters to every user? Somebody working late hours at Microsoft recently?
November 12, 2012 - Hallvord R. M. Steen, Opera Core Quality Assurance

Microsoft promises quick fix for the bug in SkyDrive that makes it all but unusable in Opera - 13 November 2012 -
“SkyDrive engineers have identified a temporary optimization issue that has prevented customers from viewing SkyDrive on Opera in the past couple days. A fix will be released shortly.”