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Dish Rings In New Year With Price Hike
Tiers Bumped $5 to $15, DVR Rental Fee Hike
by Karl Bode 09:56AM Wednesday Dec 26 2012
Dish will celebrate the new year by raising rates on most of the company's TV packages by $5 to $15 a month. According to flyers being sent out to subscribers, most of the company's TV tiers will see a $5 rate hike starting in January, though the company's "America's Everything" package will see a $15 hike to $120 a month. The company also says the monthly rate it charges for its VIP DVR will increase $1 to $7 monthly. The company's hopper DVR service, which has angered the broadcast industry by letting users automatically eliminate ads from recorded programs, won't see a rate hike. Dish is quick to point out that this is the first price hike since 2010, and as is usually the case, blames the price hikes on higher costs being imposed on cable and satellite operators by broadcasters.

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