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Russia Begins Filtering Internet Content
Censorship...to Protect The Children...
by Karl Bode 09:18AM Monday Apr 01 2013
According to the New York Times, the Russian government has started using a new law that allows it to begin censoring Internet content. The effort, as most Internet filtering attempts do, has originated with the supposed interest in protecting children from harmful content. As such, the government has demanded that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube begin removing content that promotes suicide and drug use. Google is the only one standing up to the request so far, refusing to take down a video that simply showed how to create a fake wound using a makeup materials and a razor blade. This being Putinland, many are of course concerned that the effort is simply the opening salvo of a much larger attempt at Internet censorship.

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New Russia, meet the old USSR

As much as I think Putinland is an appropriate moniker to describe Russia right now, it sounds too much like my favourite fast food, but I digress.

I find it concerning that and aspiring, and supposed first world countries are resorting to this, if anything, I'd like to see ineffective chest thumping at the UN for this, every bit as much as we see it for third world nations.
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in Soviet Russia, internet filters you.