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Wall Street Journal Realizes Cell Carriers Sell Location Data
Your Daily Location Activities are a Cash Cow
by Karl Bode 08:44AM Friday May 24 2013
The Wall Street Journal this week seemed rather surprised to learn that wireless carriers are now happily selling user location data for additional profit. According to the Journal, "carriers are coming to see subscribers as sources of data that can be mined for profit, a practice more common among providers of free online services like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc." As we've noted for some time, this data is purchased by everyone from marketers to city planners, but is generally not as anonymous as carriers claim. As the Journal notes, the data also provides governments with an additional treasure trove of data to hoover up (or for hackers to acquire), and there continues to be no real consumer privacy protections in place to protect users. Tune in tomorrow when the Journal learns that pay TV and broadband services in the Unites States are expensive.

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I don't usually like when Congress acts...

but in this case, there needs to be a law preventing such things.
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Forget it- Congress is spineless

Congress is not going to protect the American Public's privacy. They're too busy rescinding what privacy we do have- warrant-less searches, wiretaps, executions via drones, incarceration without legal representation-- the list goes on and on. What makes people even hope that Congress will piss off the companies that finance their re-elections by saying the carriers can't squeeze another revenue stream? Just remember you HAVE NO PRIVACY if you log onto the Internet, have a bank account, working for a corporation use a phone. In other words, if you are a legitimate, law-abiding member of American society you are being monitored by "someone" and that information is being utilized in many various ways, so innocent and some "not-so-innocent" A lot of it depends on what sort of activities you engage in and whether they are still legal or illegal.


Corrales, NM

I love reading.......

these short articles by Karl. The last sentence just made me laugh. Yet its not funny when the media is clueless on such an issues. What is it that they just don't understand? How can you NOT know that carriers sell your data and pay TV and broadband is expensive. In my opinion its come down to this; 1) YOU probably make pretty good money, my expensive is their cheap. 2) Like many Americans, these so call journalist just don't give a damn. Is selling my data a threat to my life, home, paycheck, job? Ahhh?? No! Fuck it, what do I care!! That just seems to be the mentality of many many Americans. Yet somehow, people say they care about their 4th Amendment Right. Bitch, please!!!!!!!!! Utah, Bluffdale anyone???

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Too many journalists (let alone the public)

have no background in current computer technology(let alone business) to know about the explosion of data mining. The smartphone(and apps) are a gold mine(excuse the joke) in data mining.

Here's a NY Times article (reprinted in the Nov 11 2012 Toledo Blade) on Angry Birds and its use of data collection on its users.




Google sells your location data?

I'm not saying Karl is wrong here (i'd like to keep an open mind), but where is the proof that Google ever actually sold people's location to marketers or third-parties? I know they have been accused of collecting data (because of the wifi snooping scandal), but where is the proof at all they actually SOLD this data to anyone?

People are quick to accuse and criticize Google of, well, anything. But let's not forget the main big difference here between Google and Facebook that everyone loves to ignore:

Facebook sells users private data to marketers and third-parties directly

Google sells the service of targeting ads from marketers and third-parties to users.

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Re: Google sells your location data?

I don't know if Google sells the data directly, but they sure should profit from it.
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