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FAA to Finally Lift In-Flight Device Restrictions
Though Phone Calls Will Remain Off Limits
by Karl Bode 02:47PM Friday Jun 21 2013
The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Aviation Administration is finally getting close to lifting many of the restrictions imposed on the use of electronics in flight, roughly a year after the FAA stated they were weighing the idea. As previous reports have hinted, the new rules would allow users to use smartphones, tablets and e-readers during takeoff and landings and at lower altitudes, but it would not involve lifting the ban on making phone calls in-flight. The FCC had nudged the FAA to ease off the rules last December, and support as grown as data has made it increasingly clear your Kindle won't be taking down an airliner anytime soon. According to the Journal, specific details of the rule changes are still being debated internally at the FAA, but the revisions should arrive before the end of the year.

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