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18% of Rural Residents Can't Get 6 Mbps
59% Can't Get Speeds of 25 Mbps
by Karl Bode 12:57PM Thursday May 23 2013
According to a new report by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, gaps related to faster broadband availability continue to persist, especially in rural regions. According to NTIA data, while nearly 100% of urban residents can get speeds of at least 6 Mbps, 82% of rural communities can access those same speeds. As things get faster the numbers get worse -- 88% of urban residents can get speeds of 25 Mbps, while only 41% of rural consumers can get that same connectivity. Keep in mind that U.S. government data on broadband coverage is traditionally not very good and always tends to be overly optimistic, often hallucinating competitors and speeds in areas they don't actually exist (read: the real numbers are probably much, much worse). The NTIA report offers no suggestions on how to shore up these coverage and speed shortcomings.

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