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180 of 202 Google Fiber Neighborhoods Qualify
Final List, Build Order Released Thursday
by Karl Bode 12:27PM Monday Sep 10 2012 Tipped by xenophon See Profile
A new post over at the Google Fiber blog notes that with pre-registration now closed, 180 out of 202 potential "fiberhoods" in the Kansas City region have qualified for Google Fiber. As we noted back in July, Google encouraged Kansas City communities to participate in a six week rally to determine which neighborhoods were connected first. Not only did those rallies help Google determine the maximum deployment strategy for the best ROI, they also generated an immense volume of free advertising for the company.

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Pre-registration cost each user a $10 fee, and the neighborhoods with the highest number of registered households get to be installed first. A few weeks ago there was a lot of talk about many neighborhoods not meeting their goals, or lower registration in lower-income neighborhoods where residents might have more important things to worry about (like oh, eating).

As such, Google made some adjustments to what determined a qualifying threshold, helping some 73 neighborhoods get over the hump.

Those neighborhoods are getting speeds and pricing that shame the majority of the U.S. broadband market. Symmetrical 1 Gbps connections with a terabyte of cloud storage will cost $70 a month. Symmetrical 1 Gbps connections, a terabyte of cloud storage, a full TV lineup and a Nexus 7 to control it all will cost $120 a month. Users also have the option of a "free" 5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up line if they pay a one-time $300 installation fee for the fiber run.

Obviously prices that like generate additional community excitement, so the high interest isn't too surprising. Google says they'll release the final list of "fiberhoods" and the order in which they will get installed on Thursday.

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Re: :O

...Or those that see this for what it is, an experiment that won't likely see any real expansion. It'll soon be added to the ever growing list of abandoned Google projects: iGoogle, Google Wave, Google Knol, Google Bookmarks List, Google Gears, Google Buzz, Google Health, Google Notebooks, Google Answers...

In other words, people are foaming for no reason.