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$20 AT&T Naked DSL Arrives
Merger condition required it before year's end....
by Karl Bode 10:18AM Monday Dec 31 2007
In order to gain government approval for its acquisition of BellSouth, AT&T was allowed to conveniently author their own merger conditions (pdf), which the FCC boldly stated they probably wouldn't enforce anyway. Among them was the promise that they'd offer $10 DSL and "naked" (aka standalone, no landline) DSL service territory-wide before the end of 2007.

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AT&T began offering the $10 768kbps DSL (+ local phone service) to comply earlier this year, though they neither announced or advertised the price point in the hopes that nobody would notice. AT&T's new CEO informed the press that AT&T didn't advertise the tier because nobody wants it.

The company began offering their $20, 768kbps naked DSL tier via their website as of December 20, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
The plan also does not come with a contract, allowing customers the option to drop the service at any time. More expensive DSL plans will no longer require a landline either. "We recognize that different consumers have different communications needs — including those who rely primarily on a wireless phone and who still want to benefit from a broadband connection with value and savings," said AT&T spokesman Steven Smith.
As it stands, AT&T has been offering a variety of dry loop DSL options in several territories -- but not for all speed tiers, not in all markets and not at this new $20 price point.

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