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20% of Comcast Users To See DOCSIS 3.0 in 2008
Faster speeds coming, but not of the upstream variety
by Karl Bode 12:54PM Thursday Nov 29 2007
Comcast gave a bit more detail on the state of their DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades at the CableNEXT Conference this week in Santa Clara, California. Comcast CTO Tony Werner told attendees that the company hopes to have Docsis 3.0 technology in place in around 20 percent of the company's footprint by the end of next year. DOCSIS 3.0, as we've frequently noted, should allow the operator to eventually offer speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

Werner wouldn't elaborate on which markets will see deployment first, but you can be sure they'll mirror FiOS deployment. You can also be sure that users won't see full capacity at first, the initial offerings being in the 20-50Mbps range. What about upstream speeds? Light Reading says the upgrades will focus on downstream bandwidth at first:
Although the full Docsis 3.0 specification calls for the bonding of at least four upstream and four downstream channels, initial Comcast deployments will be a downstream-only affair. That's more a reflection of the status of upstream channel bonding technology than one of Comcast's Docsis 3.0 service strategy. Docsis 3.0 upstream channel bonding won't likely won't be ready for prime time until late next year or possibly 2009.
That's definitely going to initially hurt Comcast's fight against FiOS, as Verizon just started offering symmetrical 15Mbps and 20Mbps service wherever FiOS is available.

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Kendall, FL

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reply to Matt3

Re: Current Upstream Speeds?

said by Matt3:

They will probably roll out 3.0 to the highest speed tiers only.

What is the highest speed tier offered by Comcast now - both Down/Up?
Some markets are at 16/2, 16/1. But it's safe to say that highest tier offered by Comcast, in all of their markets, is 8/768 (synced at 8800/768)