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DirecTV Broadband is History
Hughes closes doors on unprofitable venture
by Karl Bode 03:32PM Friday Dec 13 2002
Hughes this afternoon announced that the company will close the doors of DIRECTV Broadband, migrating existing customers to other providers over the next ninety days. According to the release, the company eliminated half of its 400 employees today, but failed to count their many contract workers (who won't be seeing severance packages). We've received multiple e-mails from employees who had no idea anything was wrong until they lost their jobs at 11am PST today (the entire Beaverton, OR call center staff was eliminated).

The move will affect roughly 160,000 customers, and while the company's press release indicates that affected customers should keep their eye on the official website, no additional support information was posted as of this afternoon. Users looking for help from other customers can of course find assistance in our DirecTV forum.

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Donuts-Is There Anything They Can't Do?
Englewood, CO

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Play nice, kids - one day this could happen to you

Amazing. Disgusting, actually. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone can be glib and gleeful when someone loses a job. Immature and mean-spirited doesn’t begin to describe a person who delights in the ill fortune of others.

Before you so quickly revel in others’ misfortune, consider - - -

Have you ever stayed up all night with a sick infant and had to wonder if the doctor bill means no Christmas presents this year for the other kids?
Have you ever had a stay-at-home spouse who cannot work due to long-term illness and is totally dependent on your health benefits?
Have you ever wondered “Do we pay the car insurance or the COBRA bill this month?”
Have you ever budgeted for a mortgage, utilities, insurances and groceries, knowing there’s not enough cash flow that month to cover everything?
Have you ever tapped your retirement savings, with the tax penalties on that as well as the taxes on your unemployment benefits and wondering how you’ll pay that, too?
Have you no heart, no empathy, no compassion?
Have you ever had family responsibilities - or is your greatest worry that you’ll be a half-hour late to tonight’s happy hour?

Thankfully, I've never had to experience all that, but know too many who have and whose lives have been torn asunder. Here's my point. Regardless if it’s Hitler Telecom, Stalin Wireless or your local ISP that’s going under or laying-off - - - remember that it’s primarily the “worker bees” who are losing jobs. Remember that not all families are two-income households. Remember that dreams are dashed when families sell their house to avoid foreclosure, knowing it’ll be years before they can ever get another. Remember that children are uprooted from schools and friends when relocation is the only option. Remember that it’s your friends, families and neighbors.

And remember…one day it could be you.

N.B. This “states the obvious” to me, but I believe it needed to be said due to some of the glib and callous comments I’ve read here. I chose – in the spirit of Christmas – to simply post this “on its lonesome” rather than in response to some mean-spirited scrooges.

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple; no one can count the apples in a seed.