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Palestinian P2P
Earthstation 5 founders try their luck
by Karl Bode 04:09PM Friday Aug 15 2003
"There aren't too many process servers that are going to be coming into the Jenin (Palestine) refugee camp, says Ras Kabir, co-founder of p2p app Earthstation5; "We'll welcome them if they do.". We first touched on Earthstation5 earlier this summer; it's one of the latest entries onto the file trading scene, laughing in the face of the RIAA's legal tactics while promoting itself to users as an anonymity protecting file trading service. That's something that's hotly debated, at least when you ask companies that track down offenders for the RIAA.

Many users aren't thrilled with the program's comparatively clunky interface, but as the RIAA continues their crackdown on major p2p networks, pirates may find their choices increasingly limited. One thing's for certain, prosecuting the founders of Earthstation5 could prove to be difficult, since Palestinian copyright laws protect Palestinian works, but are less strict when it comes to foreign offerings.

"We have met with the organizations on our side, met with the leadership, and we said we just want to support ourselves and support Palestinians," says Kabir in this CNET report. "Everyone thought we were nuts. But we all came to agreement. We're entitled to eat, too."

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