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Microsoft Warns Code Downloaders
Sends letters and IM warnings via p2p networks
by Karl Bode 02:15PM Thursday Feb 19 2004
The experiment in Microsoft open source continues as programmers around the globe poke the recently leaked source-code with a stick. Meanwhile the Redmond giant is sending letters to users who may have downloaded the leaked code, warning them that playing peek-a-boo with the four year old code is a violation of the law. They've also taken the step of sending automated warning messages to users who search for the code via popular file-trading networks. "These alerts are designed to inform any user who conducts specific searches on these networks to locate and download the source code that such activity is illegal," Microsoft said yesterday in an updated posting to their website. While Kuro5hin takes a peek at some of the language and coding tendencies of Microsoft programmers, outlets like Internet News suggest the entire fiasco may wind up with Microsoft actually learning something via peer review.

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