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45,000 Verizon Workers Strike
Verizon Insists No Impact on Service
by Karl Bode 10:10AM Monday Aug 08 2011 Tipped by WhiteWizard See Profile
Last week we noted that things were getting heated between union workers and Verizon, the employees not happy about health care reductions in a an upcoming contract renewal. This morning finds 45,000 Verizon employees officially on strike; members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the Communications Workers of America busily picketing this morning in states ranging from Massachusetts to Virginia. As an insider told us last week, Verizon had prepared for the possibility by bringing in more than 10,000 replacement employees who normally work in other Verizon business sectors:
Verizon has a plan in place to replace striking workers temporarily with salary employees from VZB and VT (business, telecom). Hotels, flights, and rental cars are booked, and have been for awhile, it's just been kept quiet. Workers are coming from Texas, Florida, and as expected, the east coast. The numbers are over 10,000. I don't think Verizon is messing around this time and wants to break the union (just my personal opinion).
Verizon, which saw earnings of $3.6 billion on overall revenues of $27.53 billion last quarter alone, says that a tough economic climate, increased competition and the death of landline service has contributed to their tougher stance. The company insists that the strike will not impact service; you can let us know if that's true in the comment section below. There's also some additional discussion with Verizon employees in our Verizon forums for those interested.

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Blackwood, NJ

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reply to OSUGoose

Re: Remember 2000?

why is there supposed to be a "connect" one worker's salary at any level can have absolutely nothing to do with another's. there does not have to be a relationship, period.

salaries are, or are supposed to be, based primarily on their market value. If there arent enough electrical workers to fill available desired positions, all things being equal new workers will be hired for more money since supply is low with demand being steady or rising. once people see the shortage of electrical workers and train or retrain to do these jobs, the supply with increase while demand stays the same and the value of these new workers will be less.

the same principal applies to virtually every private-sector, non-union job in the country, including CEOs, CFOs, line workers, middle management, and customer service. these positions' salaries are largely independent of each other. a CEO's salary shouldnt have anything whatsoever to do with his workers' salaries, period, just as a line worker's salary shouldnt have anything to do with engineering salaries or accounting or HR. If you want to make more money, instead of being jealous and deriding those "ahead" of you, maybe you should better yourself and advance up instead of wanting others to make less.

on a side note, "taking" money from a CEO won't earn YOU any more money. you have no right to his or her earnings and the only reason to want someone else's salary to get lower is out of jealousy or vengeance.


Carlisle, PA

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reply to londonquacko

Re: They are going to strike, Really?

said by londonquacko:

You have no idea what you're talking about. Big businesses like this making billions of dollars and workers have no right to demand anything? This is what's wrong with this country. Like another poster said. You could understand if they weren't making any money, but come on. People like you feed right into what the rich media is selling! Don't believe it!

So then quit.

The market works like this:

"I want to hire you for $1/hr." If nobody takes that $1/hr then I'll say "$1.25", still nobody, it goes to $1.50, etc. If nobody takes those lower wages, the company will have to increase them to stay in business.

That was the point of the unions all those years ago (that and working conditions which is mainly mandated by OSHA). Something that may be lost.

Vancouver, BC

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reply to danclan

Re: F*$ The Unions...!!!

That would require more thought from DSLR members instead of the usual boiler plate "fuck the unions" response.

Not going to happen, sadly.
The more I C, the less I see.

Broadway, NC

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reply to Shazzbot

Re: Service will probably improve

said by Shazzbot :

The union bubbas at this company go on strike every three years or so. The last time they walked out, about half a dozen salaried guys took over the chronically-backlogged receiving dock. Receiving at this place is so notoriously slow, people regularly have small parts shipped to their home addresses instead of the factory just so they'll actually get their stuff.

At any rate, during the one week when the union was on strike, six guys cleaned out and delivered the entire months-deep backlog in Receiving--and we're talking about a giant, Raiders-Of-The-Lost-Ark-sized warehouse for a huge manufacturing floor.

Tells you all you need to know...

What it tells me is that there is lax or poor front-line supervision and equally poor follow up from upper management. While I agree that the Union workers in this scenario should be called out and shamed by the ability of 6 people to do their work in a fraction of the time, you should also be calling out those management team members who failed to properly motivate and direct their work force.

Business is not us v. them. It must be a partnership or else you get total chaos and dysfunction...

Returnil - 21st Century body armor for your PC

Valencia, PA

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They are going to strike, Really?

I say fuck'em! If you don't want to work I know a few guys that would love to take a striking workers job. I cant wait to here the crying when they lose there job and have to sit in the unemployment line. You union folk are something. I might understand a strike if the unemployment rate was at 5% or lower, but at 13%, what are you fucking NUTS! Look around you and think for your self.



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reply to toddbs98

Re: title messed up?

Nope. I will make an edit that pleases the grammar Nazis and acknowledge the edit at the same time.

Houston, TX

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F*$ The Unions...!!!

All Unions have been doing for years is to screw things up... They bankrupted the car industry by creating impossible to pay benefits and now they wanna finish breaking the telecom sector..

Well good for Verizon and not letting unions get away with it...


Kissimmee, FL

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title messed up?

Shouldn't the title read "Verizon Workers", not 'Users'??