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47% of Users Feel They Don't Need 4G
26% Think all 4G Technology is the Same
by Karl Bode 02:26PM Thursday Aug 23 2012
Based on a recent survey of 3,000 individuals by investment firm Piper Jaffray, 47% of those polled state they don't really need 4G connectivity. 26% of those polled indicated they feel all 4G network technologies are the same, and just 15% of those polled said that 4G LTE is the best network technology. The confusion surrounding 4G technology extends to wireless carriers, with 51% stating they don't know who has the best 4G network or that all 4G networks are the same. The confusion is not too surprising given that in 2010 the ITU buckled to the whims of wireless marketing departments and basically declared that everything short of a can and strings could be declared 4G. As a result, carriers call pretty much anything 4G, and all boldly declare that they operate the nation's largest 4G wireless network.

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