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50% of Connected TVs Aren't Connected
'Connected TV' Hype Seamlessly Replaces 3D TV Hype
by Karl Bode 10:42AM Tuesday Feb 21 2012
3DTV marketing started seriously ramping up in 2010, with companies like Comcast, Cablevision and Verizon all trying to out hype one another via "first" 3DTV sports broadcasts. However, the 3DTV bubble burst and 3DTV sales were tepid due to high price, limited content and annoying glasses. With 3DTV hype waning, set manufacturers have turned to the "connected TV" as their latest object of hype, with numerous vendors (and Apple) jumping into the market despite the increasing number of set top devices and game consoles that bring connectivity to the television.

One problem? People who buy so-called connected TVs aren't using them:

"People are buying connected TVs, but they are not all using them," said Norm Bogen, vice president for digital entertainment at research firm NPD In-Stat. In fact, according to a survey that In-Stat shared exclusively with TechNewsDaily, only half of all people who own Internet-capable TVs have actually gotten them online. Instead, they continue to use the set-top box from their cable or satellite company to access live TV or video on demand, said Bogen. And among people who are connecting their TVs, many features go unused.
When your satellite/telcoTV/cable set top, or your TiVo, or your Boxee, or your Xbox 360 offer connectivity options, why do you need a connected television?

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