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Another BPL Trial Dropped
Not the 'great broadband hope' after all?
by tenbase 09:31AM Thursday Jul 29 2004
The Broadband over powerline trials we mentioned last fall in Penn Yann, New York apparently haven't gone terribly well. According to the Finger Lakes Times and the ARRL, the company trialing the technology has decided BPL was not "commercially deployable," and has instead decided to focus on wireless mesh networking in the region. Another large trial in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was recently shelved after the companies involved couldn't resolve interference issues. FCC Commissioner Michael Powell has been very bullish on the technology despite evidence it may not function as promised, calling BPL the "great broadband hope" and claiming that the future of the technology "looks bright".

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Herndon, VA

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reply to hedyd4u

Re: Fiber is the answer. Japan has it and the US

Ugh.. Another person who doesn't know what they're talking about.

Do you understand that the whole mandate for the fees and charges and government subsidies of the RBOCs through the 80s and early 90s was infrastructure build out for things like FTTP and at least ISDN-in-every-home (way back when)? Do you realize that this NEVER HAPPENED?

This was the whole motivation for telcos to even engineer DSL! They could use their old, old, often circa-1960 infrastructure to deliver broadband to "most areas".

We have already paid for the fiber. It's there, for the most part, miles upon miles of dark fiber. This is commonly known and a historical fact. Drive around any suburban neighborhood and you'll see orange or yellow conduits sticking out of the ground and taped off. This is not for to-the-home soft-serve ice cream delivery.

hedyd4u, you're like, way out there or something.

Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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reply to Subaru

Re: Fiber is the answer. Japan has it and the US ..

UGH, not enough space man. Everyone is living on top of each other.

Besides, I don't like that raw fish they've got.

Give me a thick steak, my way too big pickup(w/gun rack), and I'll "suffer" with my 3mb cable connection any day.

I'm an UGLY, fat, stupid American, and that's the way I like it!


Rockville, MD

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said it before, will say it again

BPL is outdated technology that apparently is being proven to not work particularly well (at least regarding interference).

The future of broadband is fiber; it's great that there are these other, inferior technologies that might be able to fill the gap, but that's all they will be able to do - fill the gap until the real stuff comes along. In the future, technologies like this and slower DSL and cable will be like dialup is now.