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FCC Study Slams 'A La Carte'
NCTA, cable execs applaud findings
by Karl Bode 02:13PM Friday Nov 19 2004
The FCC has released their findings on "A La Carte" cable pricing, and they mirror the predictions of the cable industry (and their lobbyists). The FCC says the practice (allowing users to pick and choses the channels they want) would only result in higher prices; something consumer groups quickly criticized.

"The study was rigged against consumers in favor of large cable companies, giant broadcasters and other media behemoths," says Gene Kimmelman of the Consumer's Union, publishers of Consumer Reports (see press release). The NCTA said the opposite, claiming the study was a validation of their belief A La Carte would result in "higher prices, fewer choices and less diversity in programming".

The study is available in pdf format here.

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Vallejo, CA

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I'm shocked!

No, really! I'm actually shocked the FCC even bothered to get up off their knees long enough to clean their chin and publish something.