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Google Autolink: Smart Tags Part Deux?
Blogosphere slams new toolbar feature
by Karl Bode 01:24PM Friday Feb 18 2005
Plenty of grumblings in the blogosphere about Google's new "autolink" feature bundled in the latest beta version of the Google toolbar. The feature - like the much-hated and therefore never launched Microsoft "smart tags", adds its own links to web page content (addresses link to Google maps, a Book ISBN links to a book vendor, etc.). Critics (like Dan Gillmor and Steve Rubel) charge Google is getting a pass on the same concept Microsoft got ripped for; supporters of the idea note the feature can simply be turned off.

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Re: Google isn't Microsoft

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. I love this mentality if its Google or Firefox its good and good for you, but if it says Microsoft its automatically bad. No proof needed that its bad, it just is.
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