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BellSouth: Lay Fiber, We Yank Jobs
Louisiana exec issues employment threat
by Karl Bode 09:49AM Friday Feb 25 2005
More from the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, which is trying to get a triple play fiber-optic network off the ground, despite legal opposition from Cox and BellSouth (USAToday has an excellent primer on the fight). Bellsouth has now informed the city that if they move forward with the plan, they might consider pulling their Cingular Wireless call center out of Lafayette (the center employs 1,300 people). BellSouth, unlike Verizon, has no plan to deploy fiber to the home.

Update: BellSouth Louisiana President William A. Oliver appears to be backing away from the comments, according to the Daily Advertiser, while city parish President Joey Durel has issued a statement saying he believes the comments are "nothing but economic blackmail."

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reply to BK3

Re: Blackmail

said by BK3:

In my opinion, this is nothing more than economic blackmail.
It's called Extortion.. a felony in most states..

I think the appropriate punishment for Bell South Inc. would be the forfeiture of all assets in the state and a lifetime ban from doing business in Louisiana.

That would put All mega corps on notice. Make an economic threat and pay the price in spades.