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DSL: Hyundai, Cable: BMW
At least according to Comcast's CEO
by Karl Bode 04:22PM Wednesday Jul 27 2005
As we've mentioned, what the media insists on calling a "broadband price war" is actually a rather one sided affair, with DSL providers offering introductory deals under $20, while cable raises speeds (and prices). Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at a cable summit, on the industry's reluctance to lower prices: "We continue to believe and continue to charge for our services a rate that we think is a great value because the product is so much better. When Hyundai cuts their prices, BMW isn't exactly upset about it."

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Valencia, CA
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reply to BIGMIKE

Re: Well,

I dunno, from my experiences with both it's more like

DSL = Honda, Cable = BMW

Honda's aren't necessarily the fastest things on the road but they're economical, dependable and consistent. Most people don't need to drive over 80mph anyway, so lots of people aren't really concerned about having a big engine. They enjoy seeing the savings at the pump.

BMWs while flashy and potentially very fast depending on which model you get, great reliability and economy isn't really what BMW is known for.

Out on the road, you find lots of people driving both types of cars. There's nothing really wrong with one or the other. They're just different.
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