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Comcast Dubs Customer 'B*tch Dog'
How NOT to treat customers
by Karl Bode 02:04PM Wednesday Aug 17 2005
The Chicago Tribune (use BugMeNot for registration) tells the tale of one Illinois woman's miserable Comcast adventure. Trying to resolve a broadband issue, she was forced to call dozens of times only to be put on hold, disconnected, even transferred to the Spanish language line. The kicker: when she received her next bill, her name had been replaced by the phrase "bitch dog" (Tribune Photo).

Comcast offered her two months of free service and is still investigating the incident. "If this is not that customer's name, it shouldn't be on that bill," a Comcast rep is quoted as saying in the article. If you recall, Batavia is where Comcast used push polls and other dubious tactics to convince locals to vote against creating their own community-run broadband system.

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reply to lazsheriff

Re: 2?

A laywer? Sorry to say, but seriously, what do you think they attorney will get for something like this? An appology? It's YOUR remedy of getting a lawyer that has turned this country into a liability hell-hole. She was insulted for god sakes, now beat up or suffered personal injusry from negligence.

If I were her, I would simply leave. I do think, however, if she sent a copy of her bill to corporate, she'd be receiving alot more appropriate response from the company such as a written appology from the head guy.

Tell me, what does money or free service do to resolve this issue? Why do so many people go for money?

Wouldn't an appropriate response be a formal and wirtten appology and the employee responsible fired? I, honestly, get insulted when they try to buy my silence with free service or a few bucks. That never solves the problem. It's insulting when they think I can be pair off with HBO or internet for a month or two where there is a problem. I, for one, want them to start pulling the weeds, not just trimming them because they only will grow back.

Pink Pecker
East Puddle

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my name is bitch dog. that bitch got my bill.