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Comcast Vs. Utopia
Comcast actually lowering prices
by Karl Bode 06:28PM Wednesday Aug 24 2005
In a newsletter update on UTOPIA, the nation's largest muni-fiber deployment, team leaders point out the impact their TV & broadband service (users get symmetrical 10Mbps for $40) is having on local Comcast prices: "The standard price in Utah for Comcast’s internet service is $45.95 a month. Remarkably, the price for this same service in Midvale and Murray has been dropped to $29.95 with a one-year contract, saving Comcast customers who choose to re-up $16 a month, or nearly $200 a year. Meanwhile, their friends in non-UTOPIA cities don’t have that choice." Comcast has also dropped digital cable prices from $48.55 to $34.95.

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